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Some of the pictures here shows the destruction that can happen when mold goes unchecked and starts eating away at the structure of your buildings. Not only is it detrimental to your home and business structures it is also destructive to your physical well being. The presence of mold in your environment can be a life threatening situation, especially to those with respiratory problems. Allergies to mold spores account for a major portion of lung disease, and  breathing contaminated air can cause asthma sufferers to have serious attacks. If you notice anyone in your home or office that has a continuous sinus infection it may be due to mold spores in the heating and air conditioning system. The temperatures and moisture within the A/C system make for a prime condition for mold to grow, and once started it can be a problem to eradicate on your own. The technicians at Mold Busters are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to restore your environment to a safe and healthy place to live or work.
Molded ceiling
Black mold growing on ceiling. This can be caused by high humidity in
bathrooms, laundry rooms or from leaks in the areas above, like roof
damage or sweating from improperly vented crawlspaces in the attic.
Molded Wall
Basements are a prime area for mold and mildew, water seepage through
improper wall preparation or the settling of the foundation causing cracks
creates moisture for molds to live off of.
Molded floor joists
Molded floor joists, creates rot that spreads within the wood and soon
causes floors to sag or fall in. Also known as dry rot, mold can penetrate
wooden beams and eat their cellular structure causing failure in the wood.
Molded floor joists
Mold left without treatment soon blooms into fibrous masses that
consumes all wood within reach. The spores from this growth is what
gets into the air and creates health problems in humans & pets.
Molded chair
This molded chair shows what can happen in the extreme
situations, when flooding from bursted pipes or excessive rains
provides the ideal conditions for mold growth.
school ceiling with mold
Mold can also take hold on metal structures, it attacks the painted surface
and helps promote rust. Sweating of the roof panels caused this mold
growth to start and dust particles in the air helped feed the mold.
rafters with mold
Here mold is growing on the underside of the roof decking.
General inspection showed mold problem was from leaking roof.

rafters finished
Treatment completed, mold eradicated, surfaces sealed with
mold preventive coating to stop spread of future growths.
BEFORE                                             AFTER
Crawlspace under this structure shows the proper treatment performed
to prevent mold problems from starting. A plastic barrier stops ground moisture from penetrating and creating humid conditions. Piers and
foundation is wrapped in foil film to prevent moisture from wicking from
the ground. All surfaces have been treated with checmical blocking agents
to stop mold spores from developing.
crawlspace treated
A professionally performed treatment by Mold Busters, LLC shows how the
 complete area has been encapsulated with moisture barriers and painted
 with a mold preventive coating. This structure is fully protected against
mold and mildew for many years and greatly enhances the value of the
property and makes for a healthy environment in the rooms above.




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