Demolition Free Mold Removal

Mold Removal that Doesn't Break the Bank - or Your Walls!

Dry fog is the miracle behind the demolition free mold remediation system used by Mold Busters. Learn about how dry fog technology has made Mold Busters, Oklahoma's top mold removal company.

What We Offer You

Demolition Free

Don’t remove and replace walls.  Call us today for a free estimate and our technician can explain to you how we can eliminate the problem demolition free.

Environmentally Safe

Once your treatment is finished, you may occupy your house or office again within a few hours.  Our EPA registered solution is non-toxic and will not harm humans or their pets.

Same Day Service

In most cases, your house or office will be cleared of mold in one day. Our technology works as hard as our team.


Professional Team

Each team member is background tested and approved. Our employees are our brand!


Proven Technology

Our patented process has been tested & recommended by the US Army Corps of Engineers as safe & effective.

Award Winning

Our patented technology has won several awards, including Home Advisor Best of 2018 for our category.

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Contact Mold Busters for air quality tests, mold remediation, mold mitigation, mold removal, mold inspection and other disinfection services. Mold Busters is Oklahoma’s most affordable mold remediation company.

You Can Relax. We're Experts In Mold Remediation.

Mold Spore Library

Visit the Mold Spore Library to learn what kind of side effects specific mold spores like black mold might have. Mold Busters provides mold cleanup services and mold removal for dangerous mold types.