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  • The Best Commercial Mold Removal Service. Faster and More Effective, Our Patented Dry Fog Reduces Downtime While Simultaneously Outperforming Other Methods on a Mold Spore Count / m^3 Reduction Basis.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction. You Don't Pay Until You See Expected Results
  • Kills Viruses, Bacteria and Mold While Also Denaturing Mold Spores
    • Denaturing Means Dead Mold Spores Can't Cause An Allergic Reaction.
  • Sometimes Half the Cost of Other Bids
  • Hospitals Measure Effectiveness of Disinfection Protocols Based on a scale of EPA registration, Lower Dwell Time and Better Coverage. We Excel on Two of The Three. 10X to 1000X the Surface Area and the EPA's Highest Status of Effectiveness as Our Product is an EPA Regsitered Sterilant.  While a Hospital may want 2 min of Dwell Time, Our Product Does Take 10 min+ to Achieve Total Kill of All Types of Microorganisms.
  • Reach Surfaces that Have Never Been Fully Sanitized...  the Inside of Your HVAC System, Soft and Hard Porous Furniture (Something Liquids CAN'T do, Crawlspaces, Individual Carpet Fibers, Mattresses, Attic and Home Insulation, INside Computer Keyboards, and Every Nook & Cranny. Our Dry Fog Achieves What is Impossible for UV Light, Misters, or Janitorial Services.
  • For Most Homes, 1200 to 5200 sq ft, we Can Be In and Out in one Day!
  • Open Up Your Kitchen Cabinets, Because the FDA Has Categorized Our Antimicrobial As Safe for Food Prep Surfaces
  • Our Antimicrobial Continues to Clean Surfaces 90+ Days After We Leave
  • Exclusive Rights to the Pure Maintenance Patented Dry Fog System for Upstate South Carolina, which includes the Greenville–Spartanburg–Anderson MSA as well as Columbia, SC
  • We Guarantee Your Air to be As Good or Better than the Outdoor Air Just Outside Your Home.  We Take Two Air Quality Tests When We Are Done In Order to Verify Results via Air Test Sample Analysis By A Third Party Lab
  • Want to Save Time? - We do Virtual Inspections and Free Estimates Via A Video Call

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Mold Removal Columbia

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    Remove mold in Columbia, SC, and any other city in Richland County, SC, Lexington Country, SC, Fairfield County, SC, and Kershaw County, SC. Cities include Lexington, SC, Irmo, SC, Cayce, SC, Dentsville, SC, Blythewood, SC, Newberry, SC, Camden, and more.