Total Home Cleanse Mold Removal for Home Buyers

Free Air Quality Test for New Home Buyers & Real Estate Brokers - $199 Value

Home Inspections miss hidden mold. 30% of new homes have mold

If you are in the process of buying a home and want to be confident there is no mold growing, Mold Busters will provide an air quality mold test for your new home at no cost.  We will take air samples in places where mold is most likely to lurk, then send these samples to an accredited third-party lab.  Should the results come back showing a high mold count or air that is unhealthy, we will perform a total home cleanse, to disinfect your new home of all types of mold, unwanted bacteria, and viruses.

Disinfect Your Air, HVAC System, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Carpets & ...

Our total home cleanse includes two dry fog treatments that remove musty or undesirable odors, and disinfect your HVAC, attic, crawlspaces, laundry room, kitchen cabinets, carpets, bathrooms, closets, basements, and every other nook and cranny. Including behind your sheetrock, where there is free airflow. With the first dry fog treatment, you will purify your home.  With the second you will receive a 90-Day EPA certified antimicrobial layer that will continue to protect and purify your home after the initial treatment.  A fresh start.

The "new" home you are buying might be 50 years old, or it might be brand new. Homes that are decades old most likely have had mold growth, and most likely have never been disinfected, with the exception of a few surfaces.  What home buyers may not know is that roughly 30% of even newly built homes have mold.

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Ensure Your Home Has No Mold in The Walls

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    Home Inspections Don't Catch All Mold Growth

    Mold growing behind walls is common. If your new home as a basement, due to hydrostatic pressure, and breaches in the building envelope, it is even more common. If children will sleeping or playing in the basement, it isn't worth moving in until you know all mold growth has been addressed.  If a home Inspector sees black mold or other dangerous mold growth, you can be sure they will bring it to your attention.  However, without an air quality test, you won't know if your home is healthy and move-in ready for your family. An air quality test conducted by a certified technician is the best insurance available.

    Family Moving into new mold-free home

    Free Air Quality Testing Available to Real Estate Brokers and New Home Buyers

    The free air quality test offer is only available to new home buyers or real estate agents representing new home buyers.