A Wellness Center and Gym Disinfection Plan to Help Your Bottom Line

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Treadmills in a Gym; Eliminate all Fungus, Mold and Pathogens from Gyms

As owners of wellness and fitness centers, you now know too well that viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi can affect your business. There are many news articles, some of which can be found at the bottom of this page that shed light on how real a threat this is to your business model. What you might not know fully, is the optimal disinfection program to protect your members and your bottom line.

Coronavirus is an extreme case, but it has reminded us how far and fast pathogenic microorganisms can travel.  Take, for example, the five days Utah Jazz NBA star Rudy Gobert had coronavirus but didn’t know it. During this brief time all 30 NBA teams across the country had direct contact or contact with a player who had direct contact with Gobert. (Washington Post)

This "fast spreading" epidemiology isn’t unique to coronavirus. Other respiratory viruses, stomach viruses, and other pathogens can in just five days travel just as fast and far. There might not be the same potential death rate that causes a shutdown; but without a more common-sense disinfection protocol, gyms can significantly disrupt their own business and members’ lives. Especially as contraction rates reach 80% of the population, which means 80% of your membership.

Effective Gym disinfection can feel like an impossible battle to win. So, why not just let people feel in control of their own prevention by wiping down equipment before they use it, and leave it at that? Why do more?

In his book “Tipping Point,” Malcolm Gladwell provides some insight. One question he poses is how do you break “equilibrium?”  For example, a virus can be completely contained within certain networks, but with one minor change or combination of seemingly insignificant changes a “contained virus” can break out of equilibrium and become an outbreak. For gyms or yoga studios, it is the same. For the worse or the better, a small tweak in their disinfection protocol can tip their members’ “contraction rate” against or in favor of their business.

  GOOD ?
“Which chemical solution should I use?”

“What is the most practical way to clean my facility and equipment to maximize member health and satisfaction?”

“How do I clean my facility and equipment to maximize member health and satisfaction in a way that helps my bottom line?”

Sanitizing with Wet Wipes Isn’t Enough

Wipes are good, but not enough.

When disinfecting your facility, you must consider… 1) Cleaning frequency, 2) Methodology, 3) Most common bugs in gyms, 4) Chemical strength & safety, and 5) Required chemical contact time.

With high use by members, wipes can easily meet the frequency needed to keep high touch surfaces safe.  Check.  This frequency also means a strong chemical is not as necessary on these surfaces, so a green, safe, sanitizing wipe should be plenty. Check. For methodology, both mechanical and chemical removal is vital. Sanitizing or Disinfecting wipes take care of both these for high touch areas. Check. Fortunately, most sanitizers kill a broad-spectrum of viruses, molds, fungi, and bacteria that could be found in a wellness center or gym. Check.

However, wipes may require a surface to stay wet for 10 minutes or more to achieve sufficient "kill." Will members of your fitness or wellness center really spend 10 minutes wiping a surface before using it?

What about other high-touch surfaces in your facility?  There are dozens of surfaces that may be just as important.

Clinical studies also show cleaning wipes can make matters worse by spreading pathogens when reused.  Members may use wipes, but are they using them correctly?  (ABC News)

  GOOD:  Disinfectant Wipes

  BETTER:  Disinfectant Wipes + Professional Cleaning

 BEST:  Disinfectant Wipes + Professional Cleaning + Dry Fog with 90-Day Antimicrobial

5-Star Cleaning and Disinfection Plan for Your Wellness Center & Gym

The very best disinfection and cleaning program will look to implement three key protocols. First:  Wipes for members. This does more than keep your facility safe, it also helps members feel the satisfaction of knowing firsthand that the equipment they use is clean.  Second: An optimal gym cleaning protocol, should include a regular full facility “wipe down” to achieve mechanical removal of dirt, biofilm, and any pathogens lurking on any surface that a member may come into contact with.  Third: To meet Chemical Contact Time on all surfaces, a dry fog solution like the one provided Mold Busters will disinfect 100% of all surfaces in your gym, and provide an EPA Approved guarantee to provide 90 days of going antimicrobial action and protection.

How to Economically Keep Your Gym Bacteria, Mold, and Virus Free.

Mold Busters provides 24/365 continuous antimicrobial protection with an economical monthly payment plan. Sticker for EverPURE protected facilities

Every 90 days we will disinfect your facility after hours, so you experience zero downtime.  When we arrive we will first use a hospital-grade sterilant called InstaPURE, a dry fog that fills the entire volume of your facility, disinfecting every surface and all its contents. We will then dry fog your facility a second time with EverPURE, which leaves an antimicrobial surface that the EPA guarantees to provide ongoing protection for 90 days.

Both InstaPURE and EverPURE are safe for occupants and the environment.  A location can be reoccupied just minutes after we complete the dry fog process. Since our solution is FDA approved for water sanitation equipment and food-prep surfaces, it is safe and will have no adverse effect on your equipment, facility, or any fixtures and contents.

To help your members with their health, they need to be healthy enough to use their membership. Keep bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus at bay, and show your members you differ from other gyms and wellness centers, by becoming EverPURE certified.