Home Cleanse & Disinfection

Outdoor picture of Nice Home - 4 hour total mold remediation home cleanse

Home disinfection is a task that is difficult to tackle on your own. There are specific dwell times for over the counter products that almost never get reached. Imagine knowing that there is a virus the size of the tip of a pin somewhere in your home. Scrubbing every square inch of your home may be a nearly impossible task. With the dry fog system it is not only possible, but simple.

People who have serious illness or disease will often experience a weakened immune system either from the illness itself or as a result of their medical treatment. This can cause serious complications when a person is exposed to common household bacteria and viruses. These small invisible enemies are nearly impossible to clean in every square inch of a home. Mold Busters dry fog technology has helped hundreds of people create a clean living environment. The miracle of dry fog has helped cancer patients from picking up secondary infections while undergoing treatment. Whether you are rehabilitating or just feeling sick in your home, let Mold Busters give you a fresh start to a healthy life.

Looking to buy a new home, and need mold remediation? Air quality tests are free for prospective new homeowners.