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Mold Busters Lewisville
2039 Mallard Drive

Lewisville, TX 75077

(972) 486-9778


Owners: Jess & Alex


Jess and Alex - Owners of Mold Busters Dallas - Fort Worth

Mold Removal Services for Lewisville, Texas

Affordable Mold Removal Services Lewisville, TX | Effective Mold Removal Services Lewisville, TX | Mold Testing & Air Quality Testing Lewisville, TX

  • More than 20,000+ Satisfied Commercial and Residential Customers Nationwide (includes other business in all 50 states using our same Pure Maintenance Patented Process and Technology)
  • Save as Much as Half the Cost of Other Mold Remediation Solutions
  • Cleanse and Disinfect Your Entire Home or Business of Mold in Hours, Not the 5 days it Can Take Traditional Mold Removal Services
  • EPA Approved as Non-Toxic and FDA Approved as Safe for Your Home and Business
  • Even FDA Approved Safe for Disinfecting water Filtration Systems and Food-prep Surfaces
  • Reach 10X to 1000X the Surface Area vs. Other Solutions
  • Kill & Disinfect Molds, Viruses, and Bacteria,¬†Including Easer to Dinsinfect Coronavirus
  • Protect Your Home from Mold with an Included Antimicrobial Layer that Provides Protection for an EPA Tested and Approved 90 Days
  • Sterilize Porous and Non-porous Surfaces including couches, HVAC, wood, sheetrock, crawlspaces, carpets, attic insulation, and every other difficult to reach areas
  • Exclusive Rights to the Pure Maintenance Patented Dry Fog System for Lewisville, TX and the Greater Dallas and Ft Worth Texas Area
  • All Customers Receive a Lab Test to Verify Air Quality at End of Service

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    We get rid of mold in Lewisville, TX, Carrolton, TX, Flower Mound, TX, Grapevine, TX and Frisco, TX. We are the only dry fog solution provider in Lewisville, TX and for Dallas and Fort Worth that can offer Pure Maintenance's patented mold removal system.