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Logan Utah Mold Removal

A Fraction of the Cost of Alternative Methods

Our patented process can dramatically reduce labor, demolition, and reconstruction. The cost savings per square foot can be sizeable.

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Dry Fogging Mold in Bedroom

Get Rid of Mold in Hours Not Days

Mold can travel throughout your home as fast as the aroma of what you cook. If you have a mold problem and want the very best results? The whole home should be addressed.  You have two options.

  1. Take days worth of time through demolition and reconstruction for just a portion of your home.
  2. Or you can use our patented positive-pressure dry fog, which takes hours and will get rid of mold on every reachable surface in your home. Not just the portion of your home where you see mold.

Note: Depending on the extent and duration of mold growth, some demolition may be unavoidable.

1000X More Effective

Your home may have thousands of square feet of living space. But it also has tens of thousands of square feet in surface area. Not to mention the surface area of all your belongings.

  • If you only address mold where it is visible, you will only be effective for that space. Use Mold Busters and you will effectively remediate your air, rugs, attic insulation, furniture, HVAC, crawlspaces, inside your walls, your mattresses, closets, kitchen cabinets, and more throughout your location... 1000X the surface area.
  • Look at your bleach bottle. It says it is only good for nonporous surfaces. Our dry fog particles are smaller than a mold spore, going where no liquid can.

Learn more about Mold Buster's Dry Fog Technology

Woman Discovering Black Mold on Cieling and Walls
Family Moving into new mold-free home

90 Days of Antimicrobial Protection

We offer two types of dry fog services. 

  1. Instapure is our service for total home and business sterilization from mold, viruses and bacteria. 
  2. Our second dry fog solution is called Everpure, which is an antimicrobial that provides 90 days of EPA approved protection. 

You can have just one done or both. You decide.

Logan Utah Mold Removal - Contact Information

Mold Busters Logan
3547 W 6100 S
Wellsville, UT 84339
(435) 999-5678

Owners: Marci & Rene Roderer

Owners of Mold Busters Logan

Tech: Derek

Derek Tech 533x533

Mold Busters USA has Expanded into Logan, Utah; Pocatello, Idaho and South Eastern Idaho.


We guarantee the biggest bang for the buck for residential and commercial locations. Nobody beats our pricing.

  • A fraction of the cost of alternative methods
  • In a fraction of the time; hours, not days
  • FDA approved as non-toxic for food-prep surfaces
  • 10X to 1000X the efficacy of competing methods
  • EPA approved for ongoing antimicrobial protection for 90 days after we leave
  • Effective against all molds, pathogens, viruses, and bacteria
  • Can disinfect and sanitize ALL surfaces: rugs, attic insulation, furniture, HVAC, crawlspaces, inside walls, and everywhere else in your home
  • Patented dry fog, two part-system only available with Mold Busters Logan, Utah
  • More than 20,000 Satisified Customers Nationwide
  • 100% of customers have verified third-party lab tested verification of new pure air quality

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    Areas We Service:

    Mold Busters does Mold Abatement and Remediation in Logan, Utah and the greater Cache Valley and northern Utah area, including Brigham City, Tremonton, and Bear Lake.  We cover all of Box Elder County, Cache County, and Rich County

    In South Eastern Idaho our Mold Abatement and Remediation services cover Pocatello, Idaho, Preston, and Lava Hot Springs.  We service Cassia County, Oneida County, Bannock County, Franklin County, and Bear Lake County.