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  • Our Patented Dry Fog Process Can Make All the Difference for Your Mold Remediation Project.
  • We Simultaneously Outperform Other Methods on a Mold Spore Count / m^3 Reduction Basis, While Completing the Job in Less Time and at a Lower Cost - Call & Request a Mold Removal Estimate and See.
  • If You Represent a Commercial or Industrial Customer, and Downtime is a Concern, We Minimize Production and Facility Downtime More than Any Other Commercial Mold Removal Service on the Market.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction. We Work to Make Things Right, and You Only Pay Once the Job is Complete and According to Your Expectations.
  • Our Solution Kills Viruses, Bacteria and Mold, And Goes One Step Further to Denature Mold Spores
    • By Denaturing Mold Spores We Dramatically Reduce any Possible Allergic Reaction to Dead Mold Spores.
  • Our Prices are Sometimes Half those of Our Competition.
  • Hospitals Measure the Effectiveness of Their Disinfection Protocols Based on the EPAs Product Efficacy Classification, the Dwell Time and the Surface Area Reached. We use a Hospital-Grade Sterilant --- the Highest Efficacy Classification Provided by the EPA.  We also Distribute the Sterilant Using Dry Fog, Which Easily Reaches 10X to 1000X the Surface Area of Other Methods Such as UV Light, Wet Fog, and Scrubbing. Lastly We Far Exceed the Sterilants Reqiured Label Dwell Time, Ensuring That We Deliver the Most Effective Solution on the Market... By a Landslide.
  • By Applying Back-pressure, We Evenly Blanket Every Surface Inside of Your Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioing Systems, We Also Treat Your Soft and Hard Porous Furniture (Something Liquids and Wet Fog and UV Light CAN'T do with near the Efficacy! We More Effectively Treat Carpets, Attic and Home Insulation, Mattresses, Contents of Drawers and Everything Else in Your Home.
  • For Homes, 1200 to 5200 sq ft, we Can Often Complete Mold Remediation in One Day! While Also Delivering Cleaner Air Than Competing Methods.
  • We Dry Fog the Entire Price TWICE! Once with a Sterliant and Once with a Long-Term Antimicrobial Coating.
  • Feel Free to Open Up Your Kitchen Cabinets... as the Antimicrobial Coating We Use Has Been Classified by the FDA As Safe for Food Prep Surfaces; No Rinse Required!
  • Our Antimicrobial Continues to Prevent Mold for 90+ Days After We Leave
  • We have the Exclusive Rights to the Patented Dry Fog System We Use for the Entire State of Mississippi, including its largest cities:  Jackson, Gulfport, Southhaven, Biloxi and Hattliesburg.
  • We Guarantee to Improve Your Air to be As Good or Better than the Outdoor Air Just Outside Your Home.  When We Complete Our Work We Take Two Air Quality Tests, One Inside and One Outside and Send the Results A Third Party Lab. We Use These Results to Verfiy the Efficacy of Our Work.
  • Want to Save Time or Are Concerned with an In-Person /inspection in Your Home? - We Can do a Virtual Inspection via a Video Call Like Zoom.


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