MOLD STATISTICS: Mold is still an issue in drier climates

In drier and less humid places in the United States, it’s easy to ignore mold as a real problem. Mold doesn’t have teeth or a stinger, it won’t wake you up in the middle of the night because it’s running across your face, and it’s easy to paint over or bleach the color out (not that bleaching actually takes care of the problem). So, we’ve gathered some mold statistics for you.


As you know, mold is a natural part of the ecosystem. Yes, even in Utah and Arizona! 😉 Getting some mold in the house is inevitable and actually not a problem. It’s when the mold levels in the house are HIGHER than the levels outdoors that mold begins to be an issue. What level of mold is unsafe? 

*The normal mold count for Utah is between 300-500. 

*Anything above 1000 in Utah DEFINITELY needs to get remediated except when it comes to Stachybotrys or Chaetomium

*If the levels of Stachybotrys or Chaetomium are above ZERO, then it’s time to call us

Not sure what mold levels are in your home, office, warehouse, business? Give us a call and we can take a mold test! We send an air sample to a third party lab and get the stats back to you in about 72 hours.

Here are some mold statistics that might give you pause:

*On a yearly basis, more wood is destroyed by mold than by fire and termites combined. 

*What percentage of homes have mold? Around 70% of homes contain mold and globally, most homes contain stachybotrys spores. 

Yikes. But never fear, we can fix that! 

*In 2017, at least 45 million buildings in the United States had levels of mold above the acceptable limit

*Between 25-28% of humans suffer from a genetic-predisposition for mold sensitivity

*Around 40% of asthma attacks are triggered by mold, rats, or dust mites. 

*Mold has been associated with 93% of chronic sinus infections 

*Phoenix is in the top three cities in the country with the worst black mold problem. Phoenix has very similar humidity levels to Cache Valley. 

*Training doctors to identify mold sickness is uncommon. Dr. Scott McMahon, mold sickness specialist, states that ““Possibly every doctor in the United States is treating mold illness, and they just don’t realise it.” (Dr. Scott McMahon, MD, 2017) (Source:”

Want more facts?

Check out the stats provided by United Water Restoration, Comfy Living, and Real Time Lab and found on our website.


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