MOLDBUSTERS: Your Virus Disinfection Service

“Flatten the Curve” “In an Abundance of Caution”  “Shutdown”  “Canceled”  “Postponed”  “Social Distancing” “Sanitize” “Disinfect”

These are all words and phrases that have suddenly become normal and frequent in our every-day conversations. In a matter of a few weeks, the world feels like it has been turned upside down. But there have been heartwarming moments as well, as we have seen examples of the people all across the world coming together to try to protect each other. Read Business Insiders’ Coronavirus: There is hope for the end of the crisis and the New York Post’s Hero of the Day: This Brooklyn Nurse is making miracles happen amid coronavirus crisis for some uplift.

We all want to do our part to help stop Corona in its tracks and help our lives return to a sense of normalcy.


We have compiled a list of links and resources that we have found useful in keeping us updated and informed. We hope that our readers will find it useful as well:

How to talk to children about the coronavirus is an article posted by Harvard Health Publishing that discusses some strategies to explain COVID-19 to children. 

WHO Situation Reports is all about world-wide statistics. There are other sites, such as DataWrapper and COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard that share this same focus. Coronavirus: the new disease Covid-19 explained includes statistics and several interesting graphics and tidbits about the virus’ history. The statistics on these sites are not consistent, which happens when events are being reported in real time. 

CoronaVirus Update through the Bear River Health Department provides local updates and local statistics on the virus.  Please note that these are local to MoldBusters Logan. Check with your county’s health department for updates to local to you.

Clean & Disinfect published by the CDC provides a wealth of information on how to properly clean and disinfect immediate surfaces that you may come in contact with on a daily basis. It also includes advice on disinfecting if you already have the virus. 
The WHO and Medical News Today published posts that debunk rumors and myths about COVID-19.

After all of this, one question that might be on your mind right now: “Is there a virus disinfection service that can actually make a difference?”


MoldBusters uses two products called InstaPure and EverPure, patented by Pure Maintenance. We employ a two-step dry fogging system that utilizes vapor and fumes to create a killing environment that pathogens cannot escape. This is effective on all types of surfaces, including furniture, fabric, air ducts, and penetrates walls.

Here are some quick facts about us and our qualifications as a

virus disinfection service:

  1. All products used by MoldBusters are FDA Approved and nontoxic
  2. Next to Peroxyacetic Acid, one of the main ingredients is Hydrogen Peroxide, which is on the EPA’s approved and CDC’s endorsed list of products that can be expected to sanitize against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).
  3. The two-step dry fogging system makes it uniquely qualified to kill viruses that may be lurking both in the air and on surfaces. The first step kills what is already present in the environment and the second step adds the protective layer that kills any NEW pathogens introduced to any surface up to 90 days after the treatment.
  4. The science used to create our mold eradicating technology was originally intended to sterilize hospital clean rooms and medical equipment against viruses. This means the technology is capable of denaturing (killing) viruses that are hardier than COVID-19.


Nothing is 100% for sure right now. But, what we CAN guarantee is here at MoldBusters, we can help. We can help make a difference by sanitizing and protecting homes and businesses, and in doing so, do our part to help flatten the curve and increase the general peace of mind.

Who Ya Gonna Call? MoldBusters!

You can find us in Utah, New Mexico, Texas, South Carolina, and Idaho. Read all about our sister company Pure Maintenance in Idaho Falls and their work on the Bonneville County Courthouse.