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We simultaneously deliver the most effective available solution for improving indoor air quality and provide it at a price that can't be beaten. This is the power of our patented dry fog. Get other bids, and see for yourself.

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    Dry Fogging Mold in Bedroom

    The Best Possible Air Quality, Guaranteed.

    A 2,000 square foot home has tens of thousands of square feet of surface area; not including the surface area of all your belongings.

    • Only addressing mold where there is water damage is a mistake. For no additional cost we disinfect your mattresses, air, rugs, attic insulation, fabric and wood furniture, HVAC, crawlspaces, inside walls, closets, kitchen cabinets, and all your belongings throughout your location. Easily 1000X the surface area of other solutions.
    • Look at your bleach bottle. It is only good for nonporous surfaces. Our dry fog particles are smaller than a mold spore, going where mold goes but no liquid can.

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    Mold Removal Estimate + Fast Turnround

    Virtual or In-person provided within 24 hours.

    Get rid of health-related issues now! We make it easy to get an estimate and get the job done.  Depending on your situation, your mold woes can be behind you in the next two days.  You can...

    1. Take days getting an estimate and weeks going the demolition / reconstruction route for just a portion of your home.
    2. Or you can use our patented positive-pressure dry fog, which gets rid of mold on every reachable surface in your home in hours. Not just where you see it, but where you don't.

    Note: Depending on the extent and duration of mold growth, some demolition may be unavoidable.

    Woman Discovering Black Mold on Cieling and Walls
    Family Moving into new mold-free home

    The Best Possible Air Quality for 90 Days

    We offer two types of dry fog services. 

    1. Our Instapure service is a hospital-grade sterilant that kills black mold, all other molds, mildews, viruses, and bacteria. 
    2. Our Everpure service, is also a dry fog applied to all surfaces, but it is instead an antimicrobial that gives  90+ days of EPA registered ongoing cleansing and protection. This mold removal study on our dry fog says it all.


    You can opt to have both services done or both. You decide.


    Ogden Utah Mold Removal - Contact Information

    Mold Busters Ogden
    298 24th Street, Suite 201
    Ogden, UT 84401
    (801) 784-1229

    Owner: Marci & Rene Roderer

    Owners of Mold Busters Logan

    Tech: Derek

    Derek Tech 533x533

    Mold Busters USA in July 2021 has Expanded into Ogden, Utah to Serve Weber and Morgan Counties


    We are excited to offer businesses and homeowners  our unrivaled value.

    • Can be a fraction of the cost of alternative methods
    • Can achieve same or better air quality in less time, sometimes saving days
    • FDA registered claim proves our 2nd step dry fog to be non-toxic and safe for even food-prep surfaces. This means no rinse or wipe-down necessary after we leave!
    • Up to 1000X the surface area treated vs. other options. This is a conservative estimate.
    • EPA registered hospital-grade sterilant for step one dry fog that eliminates all types of mildew,molds, pathogens, viruses, and bacteria
    • Bleach is only registered to kill on hard non-porous surfaces.  Our dry fog treats soft porous surfaces and hard, non-porous surfaces, including mattresses, When was the last time you sanitized your mattress?, Rugs, attic insulation, wood furniture, HVAC, crawlspaces, inside walls, and everywhere else in your home
    • Exclusive rights to use patented dry fog, two part-system in Weber and Morgan counties.
    • More than 20,000 Satisfied Customers at more than 100 locations Nationwide, that also license the same patented dry fog system
    • Our customers get third-party lab tested verification that they now have clean indoor air quality in their home or business

    Areas We Service:

    Our Mold Busters Ogden location serves Weber and Morgan counties.

    We directly apply our patented dry fog formula and when necessary through partners will manage A to Z mold treatment and water damage restoration through partners. Serving Ogden, Utah, North Ogden, Utah, and Pleasant View, Utah, and Farr West, Utah to the north. To the west, we service West Haven, Utah, Pleasant View, Utah, Washington Terrace Utah, Plain City, Utah, and Hooper, Utah.  To the south, we provide mold clean-up for Riverdale, Utah, Roy, Utah, South Ogden, Utah, and South Weber, Utah.

    East in Ogden Valley, we service Eden, Utah, Mountain Green, Utah, Wolf Creek, Utah, Hunstville, Utah, and surrounding communities. southeast from Ogden toward the East Canyon Valley, now known as Morgan Valley, we service Morgan, Utah, Croydon, Utah, and Whites Crossing, Utah.

    We also service Eden, Harrisville, Clinton, Brigham City, Riverdale, and Liberty.