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Mold Inspection Services Spartanburg, SC | Guaranteed Mold Remediation Services Spartanburg, SC | Mold Testing & Air Quality Testing Spartanburg, SC

  • 20,000+ Happy Commercial and Residential Customers Nationwide
  • Eliminates every type of mold
  • Not only kills but Denatures molds, amd Disinfects for Viruses and Bacteria
    • This means dead mold spores are disarmed and won't by allergenic
  • Save Big, Our Prices Range from Costing Half to Matching Other Bids
  • 10X to 1000X the Surface Area is Treated vs. Traditional Mold Remediation
  • Sterilize and Disinfect Surfaces Inside Your Walls, Throughout Your HVAC System, Soft and Hard Porous Furniture, Crawlspaces, Individual Carpet Fibers, Mattresses, Attic and Home Insulation,  and Every Other Space in Your Home. It Will Be The Healthiest Your Home Has Ever Been.
  • Can Be In and Done in Just One Day
  • EPA Registered Sterliant for Step 1 Dry Fog
  • Our Step 3 Dry Fog is so safe it is registered with the FDA as Safe being Safe Enough for Food Prep Surfaces
  • Proven Antimicrobial Surface Protection that Lasts 90+ Days
  • Exclusive Rights to the Pure Maintenance Patented Dry Fog System for Upstate South Carolina, which includes the Greenville–Spartanburg–Anderson MSA as well as Columbia, SC
  • We Guarantee Your Air to be As Good or Better than the Outdoor Air Just Outside Your Home.  Two Air Quality Tests ARe  Included at the End of Service to Verify Results via a Third Party Lab
  • Call, and we will text you a link for a Virtual Inspection and Free Estimate

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Mold Removal Spartanburg

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    Areas We Service:

    Get rid of mold in Spartanburg, SC, and Boiling Springs, SC.  We service all areas including Whitney Heights, SC, Bentway Park, SC, Arcadia, SC, Souther Shops, SC, Valley Falls, SC, Windsor Forest, SC, Rosewood, SC, Cowpens, SC, Zion Hill, SC, Mayo, SC, Roebuck, SC, Windsor Forest, SC. This location services communities further out, throughout Spartanburg County, Cherokee County, and Union County such as Union, SC, Jonesville, SC, Gaffney SC, Blacksburg, SC and Landrum SC,