What to Do About Mold in School

What to do about mold in a school?

Worried that the wrong kind of “molding” is going on in school?

With school starting, we wanted to share some tips for keeping your kids safe from mold exposure in public places. Multiple medical research papers have found that 100% of classrooms in certain inner-city schools contain mold (links HERE and HERE). The odds that your child will be exposed to various types and levels of mold while at school is very high. And unfortunately, as Catherine with Mold Free Living states: According to research done by Penn State, the US General Accounting Office (GAO) reported that “almost three-fourths of existing US schools were constructed before 1970. Of these schools, about one-third had need of extensive repair or replacement and almost two-thirds had at least one inadequate building feature such as substandard plumbing, roofing, or electrical systems. Moreover, 58-percent had at least one unsatisfactory environmental condition such as inadequate ventilation, acoustics, or physical security.” But don’t worry, there are things you can do to help protect your child! We have tips for parents, teachers, and administrators. 


  1. Vitamin D and other Vitamins

You can fortify your child(ren) against mold exposure by making sure they are getting all the vitamins they need. This includes Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, coenzyme Q10, and B vitamins. Natural sources are almost always better than food items enriched with vitamins. The National Institutes of Health state that natural sources of Vitamin D include sunshine, trout salmon, cheese, egg yolks, and mushrooms.  

  1. Wash clothes with EverPURE

Our mother company sells a laundry additive that kills mold in and erases odors from clothing. It contains many of the same ingredients as our mold treatment so you know it is non-toxic and effective. Order some HERE or contact your local Mold Busters for more information. 

  1. Micromister “Mini Fogger”

For those extra sensitive to mold, we recommend this small, compact personal micromister. It combats airborne mold by misting probiotics into the air. Order one HERE and probiotic refills HERE or contact your local Mold Busters for more information. 

  1. Activated Charcoal Packets

Put a small packet of activated charcoal in your child’s backpack. Charcoal is a natural air scrubber. Here is an example of charcoal packets available on Amazon


  1. Fresh Air

Make sure to leave the windows open as often as possible to allow for fresh air ventilation. 

  1. Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers

Run an air purifier and a dehumidifier (depending on the climate or moisture level in your classroom) in your classroom. Our favorite is the Nikken KenkoAir Purifier.  

  1. Make an Air-Scrubbing Plant your Classroom Mascot

Certain non-flowering plants are known to be mold scrubbers. Some of these include English Ivy, Janet Craig Dracaena, and Ficus alii. Interested? Garden Guides and Hunker list more air-scrubbing plants. 


  1. What to Check 

If there have been any leaks (in bathrooms, in the roof, in the cafeteria, around drinking fountains), any flooding of any kind, or a stale or nasty smell in your school building, we recommend that you get your building checked for mold.

  1. What to Replace

Old carpets, HVAC systems, furnace filters, and vents are favorite hangouts for mold. Make sure these things are clean, sanitized and up-to-date. We treat furnace filters that can be installed to help protect against mold. You can order the Fogger Infinity, which connects to the HVAC system and can help keep the air in larger areas pure. It removes mold from the air by constantly releasing probiotics and can be easily refilled with probiotic cartridges.  

  1. Get a Mold Test 

Call us today to schedule a mold test to make sure your school building is set for the school year. Our tests are VERY affordable and are sent to a third-party lab and identify exactly what types of mold and what levels may be in the classrooms.

  1. Schedule a Treatment

Our treatment not only destroys mold but also destroys several types of viruses and bacteria. Also, it locks in a protection on all surfaces for 90 days. Start the new school year on a healthy foot! Even better, we can be in-and-out over the weekend! Our treatment is safe and non-toxic and more effective than any other mold remediation treatment currently on the market! 

Master Tech Environmental, Alliance, Aim for Women, the EPA, and Mold Free Living provide additional tips and insights.    

At the heart of our business mission is the health, safety, and comfort of you and your family. Please contact us today with any questions about mold testing, mold inspections, or mold remediation. Find a location on our website: www.moldbustersusa.com



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