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Albuquerque, NM Mold Removal | Santa Fe, NM Mold Removal

Cassie Redd – Owner / Mold Specialist - Mold Busters New Mexico

Cassie - Mold Tech

Cassie has been with Mold Busters from the beginning. She started working in the Oklahoma branch of the company, then left Oklahoma to open Mold Busters New Mexico. Cassie was recently married, and she and her husband Alberto run all aspects of the business from customer service and marketing to mold remediation technician work.  The company is based in Rio Rancho, NM, and services Santa Fe, NM to South Valley, NM. Cassie has a degree in Business Management and is a Certified Mold Remediator. She enjoys board games and spending time with her family.

Oklahoma Mold Removal

Ryan Redd & Josh Redd – Owners


Dallas, TX Mold Removal | Lewisville, TX Mold Removal | Denton, TX Mold Removal

Jess and Alex Redd – Owners - Mold Busters Lewisville, Mold Busters Dallas, Mold Busters Denton

Jess and Alex - Owners of Mold Busters Dallas - Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX Mold Removal

Eli and Abbie Redd – Owners - Mold Busters Fort Worth

Ogden, UT Mold Removal | Logan, UT Mold Removal | Pocatello, ID Mold Removal

Marci Roderer – Owner - Mold Busters Ogden, Mold Busters Logan, Mold Busters Pocatello

Owners of Mold Busters Logan

Greenville, SC Mold Removal | Spartanburg, SC Mold Removal | Columbia, SC Mold Removal

Ben Redd – Owner - Mold Busters Greenville, Mold Busters Spartanburg, Mold Busters Columbia

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Mold Busters New Mexico
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Mold Busters Tulsa
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Mold Busters OKC
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Enid, OK


Mold Busters Stillwater
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Enid, OK


Mold Busters Dallas
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Lewisville, TX


Mold Busters Lewisville
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Lewisville, TX

Mold Busters Denton
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Mold Busters Fort Worth
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Lewisville, TX


Mold Busters Greenville
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Greenville, TX


Mold Busters Spartanburg
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Mold Busters Columbia
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Mold Busters Logan
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Mold Busters Ogden
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Mold Busters Pocatello
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