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Owner/Tech: Joshua Redd

For Residential customers we offer an FDA approved (even for food prep surfaces), full home cleanse in under six hours; killing bacteria, viruses, and mold, at the price other companies charge for a much smaller project.

In a timeframe similar to the time it takes for the aroma of cooking to travel from your kitchen to other parts of your home, mold can spread to every part of your home.  The only way for you to ensure you have eliminated all mold is to use a solution that will hit every surface.

But how do you do this inexpensively?

Our patented dry fog mold abatement process and technology, enable us to sanitize more than 10X to 10,000X the surface area, in a fraction of the time of alternative solutions.  Wherever air travels our solution will reach. Inside walls, attic insulation, crawl spaces, HVAC ductwork, the nooks and crannies of bathrooms, cabinets, and drawers, carpet and rug fibers and furniture upholstery.  Most of the hard work is done by the process, saving significant cost from eliminating labor, demolition, and reconstruction. A total home cleanse in hours, not days or weeks.

20,000 satisfied customers at more than 100 locations nationwide

The EPA has verified our solution will continue to provide safe, ongoing antimicrobial protection for 90 days after we leave.  Don't believe us? Learn more about our process here.

We do commercial! Our solution dramatically reduces downtime for commercial locations and businesses, hotels, apartment complexes, gyms, diners, daycares, healthcare facilities and any work environment that needs productive, healthy workers, without the drawback of shutting down.

We service customers as far as the state boundaries of Oklahoma, and as local as The Paseo, Midtown, Capitol Hill and Bricktown neighborhoods in OKC, as well as Norman, Oklahoma, Edmond Oklahoma, Moore, Oklahoma, and all surrounding areas.

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