Stillwater Oklahoma Mold Removal - Contact Information

Mold Busters Stillwater
4617 N Washington St #306
Stillwater, OK 74075

 (405) 785-0000

Owner / Tech: Joshua Redd

Mold Removal Services for Stillwater, Oklahoma

Affordable Mold Removal Services Stillwater, OK | Effective Mold Removal Services Stillwater OK| Mold Testing & Air Quality Testing Stillwater, OK

  • 20,000+ Satisfied Commercial and Residential Customers (Including all Businesses Licensing our same technology)
  • Cost-Efficient, with Savings Reaching 50%
  • Kill & Disinfect Molds, Viruses, and Bacteria, Including Easier to Dinsinfect Coronavirus
  • Reach 10X to1000X the Surface Area
  • Disinfect the Entire Volume of Your Home or Business in Hours
  • EPA Approved as Non-Toxic, Safe on Humans, and Pets, Lethal to Pathogenic Microorganisms
  • FDA Approved Even for Food Prep Surfaces
  • EPA Tested and Approved Disinfection Protection to Last 90 Days After We Leave
  • Sterilize Hard & Soft as well as Porous and Non-porous Surfaces: Couches, HVAC, Wood, Sheetrock, Crawlspaces, Carpet, Attics Insulation, Furniture, Mattresses and Every Surface that Comes into Contact with Air Flow
  • Exclusive Rights to Stillwater, OK to Use Pure Maintenance Patented Dry Fog Process & Tech
  • Air Quality Test Included to Verify Results

Areas We Service:

We are located in Stillwater, OK, and service all surrounding areas including Enid, OK, Ponca City, OK, Tonkawa, OK, Cushing, OK, Hennessey, OK, Perry, OK, Morrison, OK, Glencoe, OK, Perkins, OK, Guthrie, OK, and Langston, OK.

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