Preparing for a Mold Busters Treatment

What is involved in mold remediation?

Yay! Thank you for scheduling a mold remediation treatment with us. 

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We are so looking forward to helping you resolve the mold problem in your home, office space, warehouse, business, gym, hospital, or vehicle. 

Here are some things we would appreciate you doing before our technician arrives, so that the remediation can be completed smoothly and effectively. 

  1. Make sure all leaks and issues with moisture are taken care of before scheduling a treatment. (We can inspect your home and provide you with recommendations).
  1. While not required, it would be helpful in more humid climates to run a dehumidifier for a couple of days before our technician arrives for the treatment. It can also be helpful to turn up the heat the day of the treatment. It is also helpful to turn up the heat for a few days before the treatment, which will bring the moisture levels down and help ensure an effective treatment.
  1. Make arrangements for all humans and pets to be out of the house for the duration of the treatment plus a minimum of sixty minutes of “air-out” time. In the case of fish tanks/aquariums, turn off the pump. We can also wrap the tank in saran wrap for added peace of mind but turning off the pump is sufficient. Our products are natural and non-toxic, but they are highly concentrated, which is why it is important that everyone except the technician stay out of the house.
  1. Open all drawers, cupboards, bins/totes, and doors that are in the room(s) being treated. They only need to be opened slightly for it to work. This allows the treatment vapors to distill on any object that might have been exposed to mold spores.
  1. It is even helpful to leave toys out, so that the treatment can easily remove any traces of mold or mold spores.
  1. If you have an alarm system, we recommend that you disable it for the duration for the treatment, as the smoke can set off the alarm. 
  1. Dust and vacuum the room(s) that will be treated. Our treatment is most effective when it does not have to penetrate through a layer of dust first.
  1. Raise blinds, shut windows, and clear window sills to allow direct access for the treatment. 
  1. Remove bedding from beds to expose the mattress to the treatment.
  1. We highly recommend changing your furnace filter at the time of the treatment. If you can provide it, our technician can treat any new filters with EverPURE and install it once the treatment is completed. 

FAQs about what is involved in mold remediation:

Will the treatment damage the paintings I have hanging on the wall?

No, Mold Busters has never had any problems with the treatment damaging paintings. BUT it is important to put black-and-white pictures away, as they can be damaged.  BUT it is important to remove antique black-and-white photographs with a silver backing during the treatment, as they can be tarnished.  

Do pets need to be removed from the house?

Yes, ALL pets need to be removed, with the exception of fish – please see above.

How long do I have to wait before I can return to the house?

Your total wait time will equal the length of the treatment (which will depend on the size of your home/space being treated) plus an additional 60 minutes of clear time. This usually ends up being between 5 and 8 hours.

Will the treatment ruin the veggies and fruits I have on my counter?

No, your food will still be safe to eat after the treatment. 

Is it safe to expose my laptop/iPad or other electronics to the treatment?

Yes, your electronics are safe to leave in the house/space. 

I have some fine silver (silver serving platter, cutlery, collectibles, statuettes, etc.,), is it safe to leave in the house during the treatment?

No, it is NOT safe to leave fine silver in the house. Our treatment has been known to cause discoloration of silver.

Can you do mold remediation yourself?

Rarely ever, for several reasons, such as: Mold is often like an iceberg–if you see a little, there’s probably more; Every time you touch, rub, or spray something on mold (dead or alive), spores get released and float through the air and land on any and all objects; Mold is dangerous! We can help because that’s what we’ve been trained to do; and finally, it usually ends up being more cost efficient to get it taken care of early and by professionals (like us!!).

Is Mold Remediation really necessary?

Absolutely. Just because you can’t see the spores doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Mold is often an invisible villain, and without specialized remediation, it’s just not possible to completely take care of the issue.

Check out our website or an affiliate company’s site for more FAQs and information about what is involved in mold remediation.

Visit our website or the site of our founding company for more details about the patented dry-fog technology we use in our treatments.

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